Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scrapbook Happy!


I have really wanted to start scrapbooking again and spent most of my day Friday cleaning, organizing, trashing ect in my craft room and got out Al's pictures.

Of course when I printed these pictures back in June, I apparently didn't go much younger than 3 mos. I have to have Tom show me how to use the new photo printer to get earlier ones printed but in the meantime...I mine as well start somewhere!

I have so much of Christian's to do too but if I start slow...they will eventually get done...RIGHT!!

For the first one, I broke out the Circle Scissors Plus for the moon shape on the top wasn't supposed to look like that but I liked it so I kept it! I am waiting for the glass mat to come in my next SU order so I used my healing mat and the needle did get stuck a few times. I also used my tiny punch for all the circles...

I just love this picture and knew I wanted to scrap it right away!!

The Second (2 page LO) needs jouranling but I love the colors. Isn't he so handsome!! His friend Lizzy got him that onesie (back in the day) I can't believe these pictures were taken over a year ago...They get big so fast.



  1. YES, he is so handsome! i love the colors too! i love the "i will follow u" as well!!! let me know how you like the circle cutter/glass mat!!!

  2. I'm sure you'll get your pages done. I like 'I will follow you'...cute.

  3. good for you...I need to do some more scrapbook pages...I am so behind..I have not finished last year...sigh...thanks for the inspiration! *~*

  4. such cute pages. good for you for scrapping again. it just goes to the way side for me sometimes but it is my first passion!

  5. such wonderful pages - I need to start back up on my scrapbooking - I am really behind. I love the colors on your second layout and yes, he is so handsome.


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