Saturday, March 14, 2009

Check out this great candy!

Don't you love blog surfing? I find more and more blogs to go visit after spending time in my friends blogs. They mention one and that one mentions one and it never ends!!

My friend, Sandy, started saving all the blog candy she could find and boy, I found even more great sites to visit. Check out these sites for great blog candy to win!!

and spend a few minutes browsing each site!! WOW is there talent all over the globe!! (ends today) (ends March 20) (ends March 21) (ends March 25) (ends March 30)

AND REMEMBER...this candy won't make your butt look big in those jeans!!

enjoy! on the lookout for my blog candy coming soon!!


  1. Hi Sarah, I just posted a new blog candy on my blog bar. Definatley check it out! If I won that I think I would actually faint!

  2. Sarah, Is it me or does your blog have a new look? I love it. Thanks for all the info on the great sites!!


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