Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Friday morning!!!

What a busy day yesterday!! There is so much going on and so many other demonstrators here (approx. 3000!) I am having a blast meeting new people, learning new things and seeing new ideas!

Our day today is pretty much like yesterday...

2 hours of General session, lunch and classes/ make n takes in afternoon!!

Yesterday, we were introduced to the new My Digital Studio...was not sure how I felt about that...but it is SO EASY AND SO FUN!!! Can't wait for a couple months when it goes live!!!

In fact... we are all given wrist bands for prizes and Heather's color was picked to WIN THE NEW DIGITAL STUDIO!! So when it goes live...she gets one FREE!!!! We are so so excited!!

It was SUPER COOL to met Shelly!! She is the cofounder of Stampin' Up! I didn't get to meet her in person yet but did meet her husband, Sterling and her daughter, Meghan!! Her husband said to see him today at 11 and I can get in front of the line to meet her!! EEEK!!!

We also saw some great ideas for the new Build a Bear line of stamps, paper and dies. They had a special Build a Bear at Momemto Mall for all of us attending to buy. I will take a picture of him and post later...He is so cute with his Stampin' Up! apron on and special stamp!!
Well I got up at 5 am Utah time (7 Eastern time) to get my coffee. I was waiting patiently for 545 so I could get a nice hot coffee. Can you believe I have to wait til almost 8 eastern time for a coffee!! UGH...There is a Starbucks in the hotel and OMG...IT IS SO GOOD!!

Well tonight we have a special evening of fun with Heathers up up upline...(guess that is my up up up upline!!) so won't be on much!!

Have a wonderful day and HUGS TO MY BOYS AND HUBBY...I miss you so much!!!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time!!! Lucky Heather -- you know I want to know what that Digital Studio is like ;-).

  2. Wow, sounds like Convention is so fun! I hadn't even heard about this Digital Studio it just for demo's, or something customers can buy? I'm really intrigued! :)

  3. Congrats to you Heather! Looks like you girls are having tons of FUN!!!!


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