Friday, August 21, 2009

Hostess Club ~sign up today!~

Right now we are at 7 stampers...You have until Friday to let me know if you want to join!! A great way for new stampers to start their "collection" or seasoned stampers to continue adding!!

Will be sending out an email BY SUNDAY with assigned months!!

Monthly commitment:

5 members- $30 before shipping

6 members - $25 before shipping

7 members- $22 before shipping

8 members- $18.75 before shipping

9 members- $17 before shipping

10 members- $15 before shipping

Hostess Clubs are a way for men and women of all ages to pursue their love of stamping and crafting, card-making and scrapbooking while still keeping an eye on personal budgets. In our tenuous economy, lots of people are looking for ways to watch dollars while still enjoying their craft. Clubs are a perfect solution! Club members plan their purchases so they continually check off items on their wish list incrementally, yet still receive the generous benefits offered for much larger purchases.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. How long does a club last?

A club last as long as there are member. For example, if there are 6 members, the club lasts 6 months (not counting December as that is an off month)

2. Do we get together each month?

I wil book a date each month (a convenient date for the hostess) where we get together to make a card and altered item.

3. What if I can't make it to the meeting?

If you can't make it, you need to get your order and money to me BY THAT DATE. There will not be any make up classes.

4. Can I bring a friend?

Hostesses can invite outside guests or collect outside orders to boost their hostess benefits. Just please let me know in advance to ensure enough supplies for everyone. Guests pay a $5 materials fee unless they place an order equivalent to the club's minimum.

5. Do I have to continue the club after my month?

YES! This is a commitment club. We need to be fair to ALL members and get our orders and money in ON TIME!

6. What do I do if it is my hostess month?

Each member of the club agrees to hostess their assigned meeting by bringing food/drinks for the group. The hostess has the option of hostessing the club meeting at their home or at mine.

Things to note:

1. Club will start as soon as we have enough members and run until all members have been hostess. This will be determined when final count is in.

2. We will skip December as it is a busy month for everyone with the holidays. Enjoy your time with your families and making holiday memories!

3. This club is a commitment. Please be considerate and your orders and payment to me when it is due if you can't make a meeting. I will keep your CC information on file it is makes it easier for you.

Sign up today!! I will be signing up until the end of August so we can get this club started!

Please email/call me if you have ANY questions.

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