Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've arrived!!!

I left Manchester at 9am and had a fairly decent trip to Detroit. The plane was SMALL and I had barely enough room to breathe but the man next to me was fantastic! Here are some pics from the ride to Detroit...

So after an hour delay in Detroit, we were finally on our way to SALT LAKE CITY!! We had the worst turbulence for over an hour, the air conditioner didn't work and the landing was TERRIBLE...BUT I GOT HERE!!

I had 2 windows where I sat and looked at the wing all ride!!
Heather and the girls were waiting for me and we went to get some lunch and headed toward their house!! We had 6 o' clock pedicures so I wasn't able to post til now! The lady did a great job on my pedicure. It felt so great!! It was my first time and won't be the last!! Look at the cute flower she put on there!!

well we are heading to bed and leaving bright and early for Salt Lake City...we are at Heather's house about 45 mins away!! We will be spending the next 3 nights at the hotel...KIDLESS!!!

Well night!!!

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